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Scale 1:20
€ 60
* around 9 cm
Scale 1:15
€ 90
* around 11.5 cm
Scale 1:12
€ 120
* around 14.5 cm
Scale 1:10
€ 160
* around 17.5 cm
Scale 1:8
€ 230
* around 22 cm
Scale 1:7
€ 350
* around 25 cm
Scale 1:6
€ 510
* around 30 cm
Scale 1:5
€ 700
* around 35 cm
* Based on average adults body height. (The larger the figurine is, the more detail can be displayed.)
Kids up to 1.20m will be charged as if ordered 2 scales smaller.
Pets will be charged as if ordered 2 scales smaller.
Cost is per person.

* (based on previous scans)

Scale 1:20
€ 40
Scale 1:15
€ 60
Scale 1:12
€ 80
Scale 1:10
€ 110
Scale 1:8
€ 160
Scale 1:7
€ 220
Scale 1:6
€ 350
Scale 1:5
€ 500
* accessories and AddOns included.

Accessories & AddsOns

€ 30
*e.g. hats, glasses, bouquet,
iPad, clutch, ect.
€ 60
*e.g. Laptop closed, handbag
larger, backpack, helmet, ect.
€ 90
*e.g. small animals in one’s arms,
guitar case, suitcase, ect.
Digital plastic surgery
€ 70 - 190
* Let us know if you want to change
 something on your body.

Gift Cards

Make a remarkable present for your loved ones.
We offer gift cards, which can either be picked up in our shop or sent to you by mail.
Please order via email

Preparations before coming for 3D Scanning

Important notes about your wardrobe
The scanning system analyses surface details. The more it can see, the better the quality of the result.
The system doesn't like surfaces that are too transparent, too shiny, or that lack structure over a large area.

Please avoid the following
Shiny materials like silk or high polished leather on a large scale,
or on shoes. High-gloss accessories are fine.
Transparent materials like tulle or very thin chiffon on a large scale.
High-frequency pattern designs like tiny dots or thins lines can confuse the system.



Please be aware that the nature of small figurines can cause some details to be slightly stylized. This includes very thin parts like a finger pointed in the air. These would break when printed in the according dimension of only a millimeter or so.

About glasses
We will ask you put your glasses aside and reintroduce them to the figurine in the computer.

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